Economy System. Lighting up the future while saving energy.

G.I. & E. SPA company has been involved in electrical installations and electrical instruments since its beginnings at the end of the sixties.

During the eighties the company developed its activities throughout the whole of Italy, specializing in both civil and industrial sectors through investment in production, but above all by focusing on applied research by means of which the Company, changed its name in G.I&E SPA, holds patents for the construction of electrical boards for energy saving in public lighting, using systems that reduce voltage while maintaining the original lighting capacity.

The great experience of  the G.I.&E. SPA in electrotechnical fields has been a a decisive factor in the development of electrical boards of various sizes for energy saving in compliance with standards proposed by public authorities on ecological education.

Already in 2000, G.I&E. SPA was one of the first companies to develop remote control systems for lighting installations, optimising management and assistance times.