To be a key player and prime supplier in the two fundamental sector of oil & gas and power generation


GI&E was born as "Ghergo Impianti Elettrici" and specializes in electro-instrumental installations.


GI&E enters the building sector. The industrial development begins.


GI&E strengthens its position through the acquisition of the Porto Recanati plant from General Electric company.


Renewable energies become of primary importance. GI&E enters the share capital of Turbec. In the same years, GI&E acquires the hydroelectric plant in Busso and the wind farm in Licodia Eubea.


GI&E completes the acquisition of the Antonio Merloni Cyilnders & Tanks.


GI&E enlarges its boundaries and starts the process of internationalization.

The craft that becomes enterprise, the artisan’s knowledge that evolves into corporate organization, produces innovations and invests in technologies.

A few companies have successfully overcome this crucial step, and the Ghergo’s family is one of those whose success is due to its policy of investment in innovation and enhancing of human resources, a policy adopted since the late sixties, when the “ Ghergo Impianti Elettrici” began to operate in the fields of electrical and electro-instrumental installations.
While specializing in water treatment and purification as well as in energy recovery from waste, the “ Ghergo Impianti Elettrici” grows and develops at the same time the branch of building works.
Thanks to the determination to establish or acquire companies in strategic fields of the economy, both locally and internationally, the company became a group with very different business areas , but focused on the the sectors of Oil & Gas and Power Generation.

We believe that the strength of our industrial group depends on the resources and investments that every year we dedicate to innovation in all sectors of of activity.
We are also aware that the organization into divisions allows us to take advantage of these innovations that become a shared heritage. For this reason each division operates according to its specialization in a synergistic and complementary way to the others.
The result is a great technological know-how that boosts the potential of each individual company.